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General Information

All information listed in the General Information section is in alphabetical order. Please consult the Table of Contents for a consolidated listing of topics. All numbers are 940 area code unless otherwise listed.

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Activities And Clubs
There are many enjoyable and exciting activities, clubs, and organizations available to Robson Ranch residents. Please see the “Activity Guide” section on pages 13-18 for a brief description by category. Information on specific activities is posted on the bulletin board in the Sports Club, on the HOA website or by calling the Homeowners Office at 246-1023.

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Age Restriction
The Federal Fair Housing Act 1988 requires that the Association knows the ages of all the owners/persons living in their units on a permanent basis. A minimum of 80% of the homes must have one person 55 years of age or older.

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Architectural Landscape Committee (ALC)
Homeowners are encouraged, but not required, to use only licensed contractors. Robson Ranch does require that each contractor doing work to the exterior of a home or lot to place a $250 “bond” with the ALC Office prior to beginning work. The money is not deposited, but rather held by the office as a guarantee that the contractor will not place any debris on Robson owned property or in dumpsters. If there are any differences that may arise between homeowners and contractors, this committee will not intercede on behalf of the homeowner.

The homeowner is responsible for work performed on his/her lot and is expected to submit a plan for all work and have it completed within 30 days of approval. Landscaping that meets the ALC minimum requirements for landscaping must be completed within 90 days of closing, or the homeowner may be subjected to a fine. Once a plan is approved by the committee, the homeowner is issued a blue permit, which must be displayed in a front window while work is being performed and returned to the ALC office when work is completed.

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Automobile Identification Decals
Homeowner vehicle identification decals are mandatory for Robson Ranch homeowners. The license number of your vehicle will be required for registration. Upon registration, a Robson Ranch logo decal should be attached to the driver’s side of the front windshield. Decals are available at the Robson Ranch HOA office in the clubhouse during normal business hours.

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Cable Television / Internet / Telephone
Grande Communications offers cable television, Internet and telephone service to all Robson Ranch homeowners. Its 24-hour service number is 877-238-6891.

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Clubs And Clubhouse Use
Call the Clubhouse at 940-246-1002 to reserve a room. The HOA, committees, and clubs may use the facilities for their meetings, parties and social events. Individual residents may schedule a family event with invited guests such as a wedding reception, birthday party, or anniversary with no room rental fee. No home-prepared food or outside caterers are allowed. Please contact the Food & Beverage Director for catering information – 940-246-1080.

Food and beverages used for clubs and activities at all Robson facilities must be ordered from the Grill. Only events specifically approved by the Community Administrator may bring home-prepared food to the clubhouse. In accordance with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, alcoholic beverages may not be brought into any Robson Ranch facility. The Wildhorse Grill must furnish all alcoholic beverage service. Failure to follow TABC laws could result in the loss of our liquor license.

The clubhouse can provide a projector, screen, CD player, microphones, and a sound system. There is also a TV and DVD/VCR for smaller meetings. Please request any technical equipment when scheduling your meeting; equipment needs to be checked out through the HOA office or Food and Beverage department. Please make arrangements with the HOA or F&B personnel to set up equipment and arrive early to make sure all components are working properly.

Want to start a new club? Decide when, where, and how you would like to conduct your first meeting to generate interest. The HOA office will assist by sending a community wide e-mail bulletin. It is your responsibility to write and submit the email to the HOA office. If you would like to schedule a monthly or weekly meeting in the clubhouse, please fill out a Facility Use Form and confirm the dates and times with the HOA office. To charter a club, contact the HOA office for guidelines. For any questions about scheduling a clubhouse room, call 940-246-1002.

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A bulletin board is provided in the Sports Club for the purpose of disseminating information about Robson Ranch clubs and community activities. You’ll also find club and activity information in a kiosk near the HOA office in the clubhouse. The HOA office also provides a website with current information and sends daily e-mail bulletins to the community to help keep homeowners informed of upcoming events. The website, located at, is available to all homeowners who have closed on their homes and are members of the Association.

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Copies And Faxes
Homeowners and clubs may have copies made at a charge of five cents per copy. The charge for faxing is $1 per page. These services are provided at the HOA office in the clubhouse and in the Sports Club.

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Electric & Gas Service
CoServ provides electric and gas service. Its 24-hour customer service number is 800-274-4014.

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Emergency Phone Numbers
If the gate malfunctions, an emergency phone number “0122” is posted on the keypad at the guardhouse. By using a cell phone, you may also contact the gate patrol at 465-7303.

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Front Gate Procedures
The front gate is staffed each day between 6:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. If the gate happens to malfunction when no one is on duty, emergency help is available by pressing “0122” on the keypad of the display unit next to the guardhouse.
Directions on the display unit at the front gate tell visitors to press the “#” button on the keypad to scroll through the resident directory. When a visitor finds the name, he should enter the 4-digit code number next to the resident name. The tele-entry system will then automatically dial the resident’s phone number. The resident’s phone will ring and the visitor will be able to speak with the resident, and access can be granted by pressing the number six (6) button on the resident’s phone.

Residents are requested to provide the front gate personnel with a list of “permanent guests” names. These are individuals who will be visiting on a regular basis. This guest list will enable the person on duty to grant immediate access; otherwise, a phone call will be made to the resident’s home. You may also notify the front gate of home deliveries, service calls and other guests by calling or faxing the guardhouse at 940-262-4145.

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Golf Course Rules

There are 18 holes of golf available to you as a property owner. Robson Ranch is a par 72, 18-hole championship golf course. The Pro Shop can be reached at 246-1001.

All golfers are urged to carry their cell phones when on the golf course. While casual cell phone usage is adamantly discouraged when on the golf course, the possession of a cell phone is encouraged and may be beneficial in case of emergency.

It is the responsibility of the homeowners to inform their guests, tenants and lessees of golf course rules and regulations. Homeowners’ guests may have golf course access. In order to receive homeowner privileges, guests must have a guest card and must present this card to the starters when checking in. Guest cards are available at the HOA office.

Golf events, organized and advertised for homeowner participation away from the club, must be approved by the golf professional(s) prior to posting scores.
All golfers must start on the first tee unless authorized to do otherwise by the starters. Check in at least 15 minutes prior to your tee times.

The person striking the golf ball is responsible for any personal injury or property damage caused by the ball. Please leave your name and phone number if an accident occurs. Please do not retrieve your golf ball from homeowners’ private property.

C C & R Article IV, Section 5, paragraph d contains the following: “the owners, residents, guests and other person owning, occupying or using any lot, dwelling unit, parcel or other area adjoining the golf courses are deemed to have assumed the risks of personal injury and property damage resulting from golf balls hit onto such lot, dwelling unit, parcel or other area by person playing golf on the golf course.”

Golf balls are out of bounds and lost if they fall onto private property during play.

Playing time for 18 holes should not exceed four hours and thirty minutes. Playing time for 9 holes should not exceed two hours and fifteen minutes.

Five-some play is not allowed.

Golfers must be at least 16 years of age to play on the course. Golfers under 16 years of age must have written permission from the golf professional(s) before checking in with the starters.

The Golf Course Superintendent(s) have the authority to close the courses due to adverse turf or weather conditions. In their absence, management assumes this authority.

FROST DELAYS - Please, no calls until thirty minutes after sunrise.
Only the person who made the tee time should call for information. Foursomes need to be early for the rescheduled start time. Cancellations may speed up starting times. It is the golfer’s responsibility to be present when called to the tee.

At the discretion of the golf professionals, the course may be reserved for use by outside groups.

Golfers must rake all marks they have made in bunkers, repair ball marks and fix divots.

Unless otherwise approved by the General Manager, the golf courses and golf cart paths are restricted for golf play only. For your safety, no jogging, walking, bicycling or skating is permitted on the golf course.

Bringing your own alcoholic beverages is prohibited.

No pets allowed on the golf courses.

Golf Clubs...
Memberships in the following clubs are available to property owners in Robson Ranch:

Robson Ranch Women’s Golf Association
Robson Ranch Men’s Golf Association

Membership applications are available at the Pro Shop.

Golf Lessons...
Golf professionals are available for private and group lessons.
Additional information may be obtained by calling the Pro Shop at 246-1001.

Tee Times...
Residents may call the Pro Shop up to five days in advance for a tee time.
If it is necessary to cancel a tee time, the Pro Shop must be notified at least two hours prior to the tee time.

We accept only cash, checks, credit cards and homeowners’ charge cards.
When checking in, Robson Ranch Homeowner identification card(s) must be presented to the starters in person. Failure to present a valid homeowner, renter or family member card can result in the charging of a regular guest fee.

Green Fees...
Rate schedules for both annual and daily green fees are available at the Pro Shops.

Resident Homeowner’s Annual Golf Fees
The annual golfing year is April 1st through March 31st.
Payment of annual golf fees shall be limited to two per household.
Annual golf fees are not transferable.

One-Time Only Annual Pro-Rated Golf Fees
New homeowners have one year from the close of escrow to exercise this option.

Resale homebuyers have one year from the close of escrow to exercise this option.

When applying for pro-rated golf fees, documents showing proof of purchase or lease date must be presented.

Annual golf fees will be refunded in the event of the death of a homeowner. Refund of the fees will be pro-rated beginning with the first full month following the death. Annual golf fees will not be pro-rated or refunded for any other reason.

Interpretation of the above rules is to be made by the Board of Directors.
Resident daily fees are applicable to the immediate family, consisting of sons, daughters, parents, sons-in-law, daughters-in-law and grandchildren of the property owners in Robson Ranch.

Renter / Resident Guest Fees are applicable to those actually in residence at Robson Ranch. Guest fees are applicable to guests of Robson Ranch homeowners.

Non-Resident Fees are applicable to the general public.

Golf Carts...
Rental: A limited number of rental golf carts is available at the Pro Shop. Please remember to request a cart if needed when making tee reservations. For fees and further information, please call the Pro Shop.

The golf cart driver must have a valid automobile driver’s license to operate a golf cart anywhere in Robson Ranch.

Privately owned golf carts are permitted on the golf courses. Carts are not permitted to enter private property from the golf courses nor exit private property onto the golf courses.

Electric and gas golf carts are allowed. The gas carts shall be limited to the four-cycle, quiet variety. Two-cycle gasoline carts are not allowed.
Occupancy in a golf cart is limited to two persons and two golf bags.
Non-golfing passengers must be over 10 years of age and will be charged a spectator fee. Any exceptions must have written permission from the golf professional.

Roadways are to be used when traveling to and from the clubhouse area.
Golf carts are not allowed in environmentally sensitive areas on the golf course.

Practice Facility...
Practice will be on the practice facilities only.

Range balls and baskets/bags are not to leave the practice areas.

There will be no pitching onto the putting greens. The practice bunkers and the area around the pitching greens are used for pitching.

Tokens will be sold at the Pro Shop.

The ranges will be closed periodically for maintenance and mowing.

Dress Code...
The following dress code applies to all homeowners, guests, tenants, lessees and the general public.

Proper attire for ladies: Golf shorts no shorter than mid-thigh, skirts or slacks with blouses or sweaters. No tank tops, athletic shorts, halter tops, swimwear or tennis attire permitted. Clean, well-fitted, hemmed denim is allowed.

Denim that has holes or is ragged is not allowed. Cutoffs are not allowed.

Proper attire for gentlemen: Slacks or golf shorts no shorter than mid-thigh with collared shirt with sleeves. No tank tops, athletic shorts, swimwear or tennis attire permitted. Clean, well-fitted, hemmed denim is allowed. Denim that has holes or is ragged is not allowed. Cutoffs are not allowed.

Shoes are required. Soft-spike golf shoes, sneakers or rubber-soled shoes must be worn on the golf courses and the practice areas. Any footwear that would damage the greens is strictly prohibited.

The golf professionals and staff have the right to determine what constitutes appropriate attire for the golf courses and the practice facilities.

Tournament Play...
The Men’s and Ladies’ Golf Clubs have regularly scheduled tournaments conducted for their members only. All tournaments must be sanctioned by the Head Golf Professional and approved by the management of Robson Ranch.

During play, only the golf ball hit into the lake may be retrieved. All other balls are the property of Robson Ranch.

No fishing, wading or swimming is allowed in any of the lakes on the golf courses. Exception: fishing is allowed only on hole No. 9 Wildhorse (Sales Center side between signs). Anyone fishing does so at his or her own risk. A catch and release program is in effect.

Players’ Assistance Personnel...
Players’ assistance personnel are on duty to see that all players keep pace, that golf carts are kept on the paths if so required, and that players do not abuse the golf courses.

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Handicapped Parking Stickers For Golf Carts
Handicap stickers for homeowner golf carts can be provided by the HOA office, working in conjunction with the Patrol, to qualified handicapped residents. The sticker is intended to be used in place of the DMV hanging permit on your golf cart, to prevent loss of the hanging permit.

Qualification: Acceptable documentation includes documentation from the Department of Motor Vehicles for issued DMV hanging permit identifying:

The disabled individual

The expiration date

The number assigned to that individual or documentation accepted by the DMV for issuance of a handicap license plate or placard.

Rules for Applying: Robson Ranch provides accommodations for golf cart use for individuals with disabilities pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act. Requests for reasonable accommodations under ADA should be made with the Community Administrator for other designated individuals. An adhesive golf cart sticker will be prepared for you, which will expire on the same date as the DMV certificate assigned identifying you. You will be required to provide new certification for renewal. Only a person identified medically who qualifies for the sticker may use handicap parking places. Spouses or other residents in your home are not eligible to the parking privileges. These rules follow the same DMV guidelines as for motor vehicles. Please be aware that violation of parking privileges could result in a fine and revocation of the Robson Ranch sticker. It is the resident’s responsibility to provide documentation for renewal.

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Identification Cards
The Homeowner/Property Owner, Associate Member, Renter and Guest ID cards are proof of property ownership in Robson Ranch. Check with the HOA office to obtain guest ID cards or to obtain a replacement card.

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Living Well Committee
The mission of the Living Well at Robson Ranch Committee is to promote activities and education by offering everyone living at Robson Ranch an opportunity to enhance their physical, mental and emotional well being.  The committee realizes that many wonderful activities already exist at Robson Ranch, and we did not want to do anything that would interfere with those events that are functioning so well.  Our purpose is to enrich the existing opportunities for community involvement and expand to new opportunities for community involvement.

The Living Well at Robson Ranch Committee will sponsor various events, speeches, classes, and games throughout the year.  The Committee is also responsible for the annual Health Fair held in March each year.  Currently, the Committee sponsors WOW (Watch our Weight).  If you have recommendations, suggestions, or would like to volunteer to assist in any of these functions, please contact the committee chairperson or the HOA office.

All content within presentations sponsored by the Living Well at Robson Ranch Committee is intended for general information only. It should not be treated as a substitute for the medical advice of a professional health care provider.  The Living Well at Robson Ranch Committee and Robson Ranch - Texas are not responsible or liable for the content and do not endorse any commercial product or service mentioned or advised in any presentation.

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Overnight Guest Parking
Two white magnetic Guest Passes are issued to each homeowner residence to be used only by temporary guests for overnight driveway parking. Guest Passes are intended only for overnight driveway parking and should be removed whenever the guest moves his/her car. Guest Passes should be placed on the back of the vehicle so they are easily visible from the street. If the magnetic Guest Pass will not adhere, call Patrol at 940-465-7303. The Guest Pass does not allow street parking at any time without first contacting Patrol. The Guest Pass should not be used on a homeowner’s vehicle.

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Dogs, cats and other animals must be kept on a leash when not confined to the owner’s lot or property. Pets, except for those specifically trained as an assistance animal are prohibited in the clubhouse, fitness center, crafts center, pro shop, grill, on the golf course, or other recreational areas. Pet owners should be considerate of their neighbors and encourage their pets not to be a noise nuisance to those living nearby or while on walks around the community.

Homeowners should not permit their dog, cat or other animal to create unsanitary conditions. It is the pet owner’s responsibility to remove and dispose of any solid waste deposited by such animal on private or public property including common property as stated in Section 4.2.2 of the C C & R’s and in the CODE OF ORDINANCE … for the City of Denton, Texas – Codified through Ordinance No. 2004-207, adopted July 20, 2004. Violations can be reported to Animal Control by calling 940-349-7594 or to the Robson Ranch Patrol by calling 940-465-7303.

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Dog Park
The dog park is available to all Robson residents. Anyone who uses the dog park voluntarily agrees to comply by the rules posted at the park.

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Robson Ranch Newspaper
The Robson Ranch Pioneer Press is a free monthly newspaper published by Robson Publishing for all residents of Robson Ranch. Residents and staff members generate articles. Subjects covered include general news, feature stories, club reports, sports and recreation activities, religious functions, calendar of events, and entertainment.

Articles and photos may be dropped off at the Robson Ranch HOA office, faxed (480-895-4391), or emailed directly to Robson Publishing. The e-mail address is

If you have any questions regarding the Robson Ranch Pioneer Press, please call Robson Publishing at 800-470-0893, ext. 4216.

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Robson Ranch Patrol
The Patrol monitors the Robson Ranch Community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They enforce the C C & R’s and HOA Rules and Regulations which include moving and parking violations. Also, they monitor the ongoing construction within the community. Their officers are trained in first aid, CPS and AED operation. Look for the white Ford F-150 trucks and stop them if you need assistance. Or call 940-465-7303.

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Robson Ranch Source Book/Phone Directory
The Robson Ranch Source Book is the official telephone directory and community guide for the residents of Robson Ranch.

Homeowners who wish to have their listing published in the Source Book or have changes to their existing entry, must fill out the coupon located in their current Source Book and return it to Robson Publishing by the deadline date, or can fill out the online form available on this site. Homeowners must submit the information to Robson Publishing, 9532 East Riggs Road, Sun Lakes, AZ 85248 or can call 1-800-470-0893 to make their changes over the phone.

The Source Book is published annually and is delivered free of charge to all Robson Ranch residents.

For more information, please call Robson Publishing at 480-895-4287 or 1-800-470-0893 ext 4287.

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Robson Ranch Sports Club
Rules & Regulations

  1. Only Robson Ranch residents and qualified guests may use this facility.
  2. All members are encouraged to attend an orientation session to learn policies, procedures, AND proper use of machines and to receive their Sports Club identification tag. Orientations are Sundays and Thursdays at 1:00 p.m. They also must complete the appropriate paperwork (Waiver and Release) before they can use any of the equipment.
  3. All members and guests must wear the Sports Club tag for purposes of identification when using the Sports Club center equipment.
  4. A maximum of six (6) guests shall be permitted for each Robson Ranch household at any one time.
  5. Houseguests of Sports Club members and preferred guests must fill out the appropriate paperwork and receive an explanation of policies before they may use the Sports Club. The member must accompany guests at all times while using Sports Club equipment. Anyone under the age of 18 is not permitted in the Sports Club.
  6. All members and guests will adhere to the dress code at all times. Rubber soled shoes are required; tennis, jogging, aerobic or basketball shoes are appropriate. Sandals and/or open-toed shoes are not allowed. T-shirts, mid-length shorts or warm-up pants are suggested. Leotards and/or tights are permitted with full-coverage T-shirts or shorts over them. Short shorts, cut-offs, tennis skirts, street-clothes, halter-tops, half-shirts, plastic or rubber suits are not permitted. The Sports Club staff has the right to determine what constitutes appropriate attire for the Sports Club.
  7. Anyone using the Sports Club will be required to wipe off the machines (including aerobic machines) after use with the towels and cleaner provided by the Sports Club.
  8. Sealed water bottles are allowed in the Sports Club. Food is not permitted in the sports club at any time.
  9. A thirty-minute limit on the aerobic machines will be imposed during peak usage times. Anyone wishing to use the treadmills, etc., for a longer period of time will be encouraged to come during quieter times.
  10. No personal fitness equipment will be allowed in the fitness center. This includes resistance, aerobic or stretching devices.
  11. Avoid wearing perfume or any scent when using the fitness center.
  12. The Community Administrator determines operating hours.
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Rules Compliance Committee (RCC)
The RCC meets at ten o’clock in the Clubhouse on the second Thursday morning of each month. The purpose of the RCC is to:
Monitor HOA Rules and Regulations and suggest changes as warranted
Assist the HOA in administering the Rules and Regulations
Assure that the Rules & Regulations are administered consistently and fairly
Administer the system of warnings, fines, corrective action and/or system of appeals.

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RV Parking
RVs owned by Robson Ranch residents or their guests may be parked on the street in front of their residence (unless otherwise posted) or on their driveways so as not to extend into the street for a maximum of 48 hours. Extensions or slideouts into the street or across any portion of the sidewalk are not allowed. It is a violation to park any recreational vehicle in any designated parking lot overnight without prior permission of the Community Administrator.

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Speed Limit
The speed limit on all streets within Robson Ranch in 20 MPH unless posted otherwise.

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Swimming Pool Rules
Indoor Pool, Outdoor Pool, Children’s Pool and Spa

The swimming pools are for the use of Homeowners, guests, renters or lessees with valid Robson Ranch identification cards. It is a violation to give the entry code of the Robson Ranch pool enclosure to anyone else.

There are no lifeguards on duty. Swimming is at person’s own risk. Homeowners must assume responsibility for themselves and their guests when using the pool. Rowdiness, running, diving or jumping into the pool is dangerous and is not permitted.

A maximum of six (6) guests shall be permitted for each Robson Ranch household at one time without prior permission of the General Manager or his/her designee.

Children through 11 years old are allowed to use the children’s pool only and with adult supervision.

Visitors 12 years through 17 years of age are permitted to swim in the outdoor pool at any time but must be accompanied by an adult.

The outdoor pools are open daily between the hours of 5:00 AM and 11:00 PM. (Hours may vary)

Waterproof sunscreens are permissible. (Oils or lotions clog the pool filters.)
Floats or inner tubes are not allowed in the adult indoor or outdoor pool. Two fun noodles or one set of water wings per person are permitted. Arm flotation bands for small children are permitted.

Glass containers are not permitted in the pool area.

It is a violation to swim without the proper swimming attire. Cutoffs, jeans, or street clothes are not allowed. Nude swimming is not allowed.

Visitors under 18 years old are not permitted to use the indoor pool or the spa.

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Tennis Court Rules
Only Robson Ranch residents, preferred guests, qualified renters and their guests are allowed to use the tennis facilities.

Playing time: These times are in effect if players are waiting; otherwise, playing time is unlimited.

Singles matches or ball machines - 11/2 hour

Doubles - 11/2 hours

Attire: Appropriate tennis attire must be worn at all times when playing on the courts. Rubber-soled footwear is required.

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Voter Registration
You may register to vote at any time. Your voter registration will become effective 30 days after it is received. A move from another county requires you to re-register in the county of your new residence. Mail-in voter registration cards are available at government offices and at the HOA office, or call 349-3200, or visit

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Walking In Robson Ranch
While walking, if on the street, please walk facing traffic and not more than two abreast. If walking during darkness, please wear light colored clothing, carry a flashlight and, if possible, carry reflectors. Carry identification or wear ID cards that will provide valuable information to paramedics if needed.
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